A Blue Overdose

Wow, not one darn cloud in the sky today, or close to it! I just never tire of the blue sky and sunshine in southern Nevada. I went to the bike shop where I purchased my Kona bike two years ago to see if they have any E-bikes which they do but not the kind I want which is a bike for city use, not the trail bikes.

They have no idea when they will get more bikes! Thanks so much, you damned pandemic! I have encountered this situation more than once in recent times, it’s so frustrating. Meanwhile, the cost of everything rises including food. I paid $20 bones for two pounds of sliced turkey sandwich meat yesterday!

Anyway, looking online there are many manufacturers of E-bikes around so I will have to look elsewhere. I want an electric bike to assist my rides since I tire rather easily and could travel a whole lot further which would be great. A ride to the park and then around Lone Mountain and home would be fantastic!

I hit Frijoles and Frescas for an early lunch after the bike store, so delicious!

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