Waiting For McDeath

Leaving the gas station, I had to grab a photo of the many people cramming into the drive-thru to get their daily dose of McDeath. As I left, I followed a person who had just got his fix. At the traffic light, he was really enjoying his death! 😂💀

18 thoughts on “Waiting For McDeath

    • I know that this stuff is sold in the UK, unfortunate! American greed and fat food restaurants! Fat food. Jackie’s cooking sounds 100X better, your a luck man, Derrick! 😋🇬🇧

  1. I like your sense of humour! Honestly, we never eat at any of the fast food chains. They have them here as well, but not in such large numbers as in the US. Our city have two fast food chains, one McDonalds and one MAX (it’s a higher quality place a little like “In-and-out”.) That is two fast food restaurants in our whole city! Not one in every corner. LOL. Have a great weekend!

    • Wow Maria, that’s so good! Stay slim and healthy. It’s been a good bit since I ate that stuff. Thanks for the kudos, I see what I see. Stay toasty, my friend! ❤️🇸🇪

    • That’s wonderful that you have just two of them! I was never a fan of the In and Out food either. You and your children are much better off staying away! Have a great weekend, Maria. 😎❤️

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