Looking For An E-Bike

I’ve been hunting for a new electric bicycle to make it easier for me to get more exercise and have found one. I hope to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday as the place is closed. I’ll post some photos when it comes home. I’ve found it very tough to ride my Kona bike these days and I got that bike two years ago.

Want to buy a Kona bike? Just $300 dollars! I took these photos on the way to the bike store this morning using the Sony RX100 Mark7 camera. The nice folks at the store let me take two models for a ride and wow was I impressed! It’s my first ride on one and I was sold on the E-Bike life right away!

Another blue sky day, big surprise, eh?!

11 thoughts on “Looking For An E-Bike

  1. Just take care on those electric bikes there are a lot of accidents in the UK on them, then again you seem to have a lot more open space out there. I too scared to cycle in the City. I used to ride at home because it is more rural.

  2. Also here in Belgium most new sold bikes are e-bikes. i still ride my classic bike.
    Lot’s of succes with your new e-bike, we hope to see pictures soon 🙂

    • Hi Rudi, I’ll certainly be posting photos of it and probably some video at some point. Hope to pick it up tomorrow. I will probably sell the Kona bike.

    • Hi Anneli, me too! I can see myself riding a very long way on this bike compared to the Kona. They are great for young and older and those with compromised health like me. Photos and riding posts will be on here in time.

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