Meet The Pedego Element

Well here it is and what a bunch of fun it is to ride! I put five miles on it this morning just riding in my neighborhood. Yesterday was my first time riding an E-bike and today I own one, so far it’s well worth the price tag which ain’t cheap!

The power assist makes it so much easier for me to ride considering my health issue, getting on and off the bike is slightly difficult but that’s not the bike’s fault. The bike I tried yesterday was green but I wanted black which looks so cool, they brought it up from Henderson for me. My neighbor really digs it too. I’m sold on electric biking!

14 thoughts on “Meet The Pedego Element

    • Hi Valeria, how’s your ear healing? I could go off-road but probably won’t. I could have got a road bike but chose this one for it’s handling and ride the fat tires provide. And it looks less like a bike an elderly person would buy! 😂

      • The bike is sharp! I see a few of those along the beach area of Ipswich to ride on sand. It’s super cool. I kinda want to ask how much you got it for. Haha.

        I am doing pretty good. Just starting back at work today (😭). Tomorrow afternoon is my post op appointment, my manager just told me to take a half day…so I am extra excited!

    • Yeah, I left him in the shot, he’s people too! I love riding this bike, so much fun! The battery wasn’t fully charged when I I picked it up so it’s charging now. I’ll go for another ride this afternoon.

    • Thank you, Rudi! The big tires are nice, well suited to the bike. Battery is chartging now, will ride again today.

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