Lake Homes and A Duck Crossing

On my second ride today, I rode to an area I haven’t visited yet with the bike. On one of the roads, there is a bridge that crosses the lake from which I captured the photo. The iPhone continues to amaze and impress me, look at the photo quality! Not far from the bridge, I came across a cute bunch of ducks crossing the road from one lake to another. I was concerned for the birds though as people were impatient to continue on. No birds were crunched, thank God!

13 thoughts on “Lake Homes and A Duck Crossing

  1. As I watched the video I hoped that no one duck would be hurt. It seems that none of them were hurt but people were so impatient to continue their driving and that bothered me a lot.
    The last photo is super, John!!!

    • Thank you, Kaya! I was watching closely what the drivers were doing, nothing happened. The view from the bridge is just a bit higher which added to the photo. 😎

  2. It is funny that people can be such jerks to road delays (you wouldn’t believe grandson Dom’s school crossings at 3:30 😳) but they will be cautious and patient for a gaggle of geese or a family of ducks. 😁

    • People love their critters! Do they have people at the intersections with yellow jackets and hand-held stop signs? I had to cross a very busy road on the bike, those people with stop signs were a help regardless of the traffic light.

      • Dom’s physed teacher was out there watching that the kids were safe crossing. I don’t remember what if anything he was holding. There were kids crossing and people honking their horns at people who stopped for them. It was just rediculous. Heavy traffic – I don’t really know why. The school is off in kind of a secluded area past the heavy traffic.

        • That doesn’t sound good, why are they so impatient around schools and children? So dangerous! You wouldn’t handle the traffic here too good, the pace of life is so fast.

            • Jerk drivers are everywhere, no way to escape this. Jerks! A school speed limit zone near me is 15MPH, maybe they should adopt that? On the bike, I noticed the lights were flashing indicating that your approaching a school zone. A driver just blasted through the zone. I hope the police catch this super jerk!

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