Fancy Homes, Lots Of Ducks

Well, I only put seven miles on the new bike today but it was another very enjoyable ride. I had taken the Nikon and 50mm lens but couldn’t use it because the battery was dead, hello iPhone! These ducks are very used to humans, look how close I got to one duck plus using a bit of zoom. Some of the ducks walked toward me obviously looking for food but I had none. Sorry kids, I have no seeds! It’s another mostly overcast day which sucks but it could be much worse!

29 thoughts on “Fancy Homes, Lots Of Ducks

    • They are wild yet tame Rudi, they allow humans very close to them. Unfortunately, people feed them and they shouldn’t. I hope it’s not bread as it has zero nutritional value for the bird. They will come at you in a large group hoping to be fed. Not good!

    • Thank you, Anita! I like how many of the ducks have paired up and sleep together. I wonder where they go at night?

  1. John, you found the most impressive ducks! The white duck with a red face mask is gorgeous and other are also very beautiful! Great moments and great photos!

    • No big deal thanks to the trusty iPhone, Tone! The device takes photos nearly as good as the Nikon in some cases in my opinion.

      • I agree … in some cases 🙂 I have a Samsung S20, it’s good for wide angle and landscape, not too bad at night, but is let down by zoom and close-ups. I guess you can’t have everything 🙂

        • I’m not familiar with that brand of phone but it seems all phones have much better cameras today. The iPhone has three zoom settings or levels and you can use your fingers too of course. It has a dedicated wide-angle lens. iPhone 12.

          • The S20 has 3 lenses/sensors, a wide, standard and 64MP which is used for the 30x zoom. My Olympus is only 20 MP but because of the larger sensor and great glass, the results are much better. While 64MP and 30x zoom sounds awesomely impressive on paper, once you zoom past 3x on the S20, it uses image interpolation, ie, digital zoom, not optical and the more you zoom, the crappier it gets. Crappier is a polite technical term for shyte 😉

            • Thanks for this information, Tone, it sounds like the iPhone getting more and more fuzzy the closer I pull in a subject with my fingers on the screen. Your knowledge if lenses is really good!

              • I did some tests with mine when I first got it. Was quite disappointed after all the hype it got. Still a good phone but I really only upgraded for a better camera in my pocket.

                • Regardless of the fuzz when zoomed in tight, I still love the iPhone 12. I just uploaded some photos from my bike ride today using the phone, it outperformed the Nikon taking photos of the same subjects!

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