Ten Miles Later

Ten miles later on the new E-Bike, I grabbed a few photos at one of my favorite parks. I am still testing how far the bike’s battery will take me, after ten miles the battery depletion was less than one-third which means the range is easily enough to get me to my favorite place in my part of town. Great! Now, about the iPhone 12 and the Nikon Z6…

The Nikon was in the bag, arriving at the park I popped it out of the bag and took some photos of these blue steel rings and the flags. The photos from the Nikon were far worse than those from the iPhone which are these three photos. I tried taking the #4 ND filter off the 50mm lens too, the photos were still nowhere as good as these.

So, what to do with this? As I mentioned before, I wonder how many non-professional photographers like myself have stopped using the big-dollar cameras and use the iPhone instead? Especially with the wonderful image quality, it can now produce. The Nikon won’t fit in my pocket and it takes up plenty of space in a suitcase!

28 thoughts on “Ten Miles Later

  1. Yay for 10 miles to roam! I have yet to master taking photos with my phone. I have much better luck with my Canon that is a relic. Having said that though, it is much easier to take the phone around than a big camera! Great photos too – the streaking clouds add interest to the curves. And, that wind you’re having has arrived here in Wisconsin! Yikes.

  2. Great photos John! There’s likely more on-board image processing power in the iPhone – given it’s a computer in your pocket – compared to the Nikon, so straight from the device to online, the phone may have the edge. If these above have not been edited, it looks to me like a HDR effect has been applied.
    For large format printing – which not many of us do – with some post processing in Photoshop etc from RAW files, the larger image sensor in the Nikon and better lenses “should” give superior, sharper results.

    An eBike sounds like much less work than pedalling hard up a hill! It would certainly give me a longer range on the Mountain Bike – more ups and downs and more fun 🙂 I might consider one for my next bike in a few years. I have to say, it’s a tad annoying when one cruises past me while I’m doing a hard climb, but I guess I’m getting fitter 🙂

    • This is perfect, I was turning left at a 4-way stop and saw a guy on a non-electric bike heading west uphill like me.

      Afer about 2 minutes I had a look behind me, he had vanished. Yeah, I’m sold on the bike but mostly because it offers a huge relief on physical exertion that I can’t provide at my age and condition. Love it!

        • I usually do process my photos and do so to make them web-friendly. The average file size is around 180kb, they start out at several megabytes.

          • Makes sense, otherwise you’d chew through the WordPress capacity pretty quickly 😎 I think if they are under a certain size they don’t count against Google images limit either, a handy place to back them up 🙂

            • I stopped using Google about two years ago, it’s tough to keep out of their sight. I use a VPN on every device I own now. I have an add-on in Firefox that also blocked Google and Facebook. Crooks! I have the Business plan so I have 2 gig of storage, have used very little of it and this is an old site!

                • I try to stay on top, Tone. These companies misuse the technology at their disposal to spy on us, all in the name of marketing and money. I wonder if our federal government receives certain kinds of information from these corporate beats and receive a little kickback in return?

                  • You’re videoed whenever you walk or drive down most streets nowadays and with improved facial recognition … there is no escape from being spied on. It seems Mr Orwell was right in 1984. :/

                    • One assumes if you’re doing the right thing you’ll be OK and it’s for your safety. I do often wonder if anyone is watching a monitor and who would it be. Let’s hope they are never used for nefarious reasons like racial profiling – as has been alleged in some countries.

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