Traffic Control and A Street Entrance

Grafitti is everywhere on the planet. Is this the human need to express one’s self or a need to do something destructive? I had to cross a busy road which is where I took that photo. I am not comfortable crossing busy roads, period. One very nice thing about the E-Bike is that it has a throttle that can get the bike quickly across the road, don’t use your legs!

The grayscale photo is also an iPhone photo taken just inside the entrance to a subdivision looking outward. The palm trees on the island are actually very tall Mediterranean Fan Palms, the same tree that lives in front of my home but is nowhere near as large as the one in the photo. The sun being in the photo is both good and bad I think.

4 thoughts on “Traffic Control and A Street Entrance

  1. It depends on where we go around here but the graffiti we notice most regularly in on train cars and it always amazes us the talent that goes into them, so I would have to go with option 1..

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