Blue Ring Gray Ring

These photos are from yesterday, the grayscale photo actually looks pretty doesn’t it? Nice and crisp clean as is the color version. Sunshine and 66F is the forecast for Vegas today, not bad but it’s rather windy. Again! I wish that I had more to say in my posts other than just talking about the photos. Other bloggers have a ton of things to talk about, apparently, my life just isn’t that interesting, eh?

27 thoughts on “Blue Ring Gray Ring

  1. I like grayscale sometimes more than color for what it shows. A long time ago I learned to use Kodak’s Technical Pan 2415 film. Great B&W film.

    • Hi Lavinia, I’ve never used film! I know it’s still available and that some people still like it as it does produce photos that digital images can’t match. I hope your weekend has been good!

  2. Just enjoying photos is enough, and good photos speak for themselves, and hey your blog is titled “Photoblog” not “Readingblog”. Keep the photos coming and don’t worry about having to have narrative!😉

    • Wow, thank you for the kind comment guys, I just sometimes feel as though I am boring my people with the lack of narratives. This is a photoblog at the core but it’s also not a niche’ blog. I hope your enjoying the weather down there! And your wine tasting.

    • Good morning, my local friend! Thanks for this, I have had an addiction to photography for many years before this blog was born! I hope things are going well with your move and the cats!

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