Rotten Pizza

I should have called this one Human Pigs. The pizza and bikes chained together have been in this location for several days now. Why? And, why doesn’t the carwash owner(s) clean the mess up? Bad management! This proves that Las Vegas is just like any other big city in this country with its very own redneck pig humans. Sorry, this grinds my gears!

Riding the bike allows me to see some wonderful sights, eh? 🤮

16 thoughts on “Rotten Pizza

  1. The pizza, yes that is trash. But the bikes? There must have been some concern or they wouldn’t be chained up. Also the pull behind child carrier is not a cheap accessory. Been there for several days makes one wonder if that family (?) is ok. I guess I don’t consider the bikes chained together to be an eyesore.

  2. People are horrible sometimes. We always see the dog bags hanging off trees or tossed on the ground in parks. they pick it up and then leave it. I never understood that

  3. You definitely have more time to enjoy all the views, good and bad, when you’re on a bike. Too bad there are always some people who have no respect for others.

  4. Why would anyone walk away from the two bikes? We have trash like the pizza everywhere. Especially masks and disposable gloves. Where I worked, Dan got several big barrels from his work for the shop for trash. (They were cardboard coil barrels). We had guys working in the shop who would throw their trash on the floor beside them.

    • Trashy employees, eh? Shame on them! I don’t understand the bikes, why just leave them there all chained together? Are they smoking Crack or something! On my rides I have seen too many masks discarded on the pavement, again, why?! America wasn’t like this years ago as best I can remember. I suppose it’s the same thing anywhere in Canada too.

      • I don’t remember the States being like that when we used to go down there. Although I do remember a time here when most people through their trash out the car window on the highway. (My parents would have throttled us😂). Regina did have one really good mayor since I moved here who got the city cleaned up and maintained but the last three mayors since home have been total duds.

        • Sorry about the duds, that sounds like the many loser mayors Detroit has had. Once in office, the promises are tossed into the Detroit River and float away. So glad I never lived in Wayne County! Which is where my plane touches down next month, great. I see people toss ciggy butts and other crap out the window while following them. That’s how grass fires get started in Michigan! Ciggy butts and masks, the most littered things on the planet…

          • Coffee cups are bad here. Since smoking has become socially unacceptable one must have a disposable coffee cup in their hand at all times. Most of them end up on our lawn. 🙄

            • Good Lord, that’s sooo rude! Maybe having a bullhorn in hand when you see them do that will help, blast them! Hey you, pick up your trash!

              I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes, and I used to smoke years ago too. It stinks so bad.

              A pack of Grits as we used to call them is around $6.00 here. That works out to the better part of $170 per month just to slowly kill yourself and make a corporation ever richer at your expense and life. It’s a free country, right?

              Our government would never shut them down either because of the revenue it gets from the deaths of it’s citizens. Children, can you say “Evil”?

              • I used to smoke. Dan still does but not around me because of my lung issues. (I don’t mind the smell at all). Our cigarette s are way more expensive than yours – about $24. A pack? It’s $186. For a carton of 8 pkg. CDN of course.

                • Oh my gosh!! $24 for just one pack, the taxes must be huge! I guess they think that taxing them so much will stop people from smoking? I wish ours were that high.

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