Cook Wanted

They don’t want my cookin’ cuz all I can cook is chili and chicken noodle soup! In the other photo, neither car seems to be using turn signals. I am huge on turn signals and am frustrated almost daily by people who I wait for making a turn that doesn’t use those signals. Where is a police car when you want one! My driving record is perfect by the way…

4 thoughts on “Cook Wanted

  1. Hmm, maybe they are missing something very special in your cooking. I would be glad to try your noodle soup.

    By the way, the same is here, some people never bother to turn on their signals while making a turn. It frustrates me also, John.

  2. That’s terrible, Annmarie! One rotten apple spoils the bunch… There are so many people here that seriously need to go to the DMV and surrender their driver licenses!

  3. I was hit by a guy who had his turn signal on to turn right, was a far right in the right lane as he could get, slowed down – and then booted it and slammed into me when I turned left in front of him. Then he came screaming at me. There were a dozen people who came to my defense and stayed until the police came. I still got blamed 25% for crossing in front of him, because that was the best the cop could do for me. My biggest peave is people who turn from one lane into a different lane. arghh. I would have people cut me off doing that at one corner every day when I drove home from work.

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