Nikon With 24/70 Lens

Another wasted ride to the drug store this morning because the Robo-wench lied! It said the scrip would be ready after 10:30 but no go. The nice lady at the pharmacy informed me that some of their orders are put together and shipped from Arizona. Why? That is complete and total bunk to be polite about it. OK, I’ll come tomorrow, again!

In other very exciting news today, I used the Nikon with the 24/70 lens today for these lack-luster photos. I’ll say this again, I do enjoy taking photos much more with the iPhone. So simple, no bulk and it’s easy to quickly upload them to my cloud storage too for a quick download at home later. I seem to be trapped in a photo conundrum!

I took the two-year-old Kona bike to the pawnshop this morning and sold it at a loss of course, because I have no need for two bikes, one that I really don’t want to ride anymore because it’s not an E-bike. I couldn’t find a buyer to sell it to outright which sucks. Should I choose to sell the Nikon at some point, the damn pawnshop may be the way to go…

There’s almost zero difference between Nikon and iPhone photos!

8 thoughts on “Nikon With 24/70 Lens

  1. We use Walmart for our pharmacy. While we travel it is so easy to refill on the road. They have our records in their system, and have never had a problem when they text us that scripts are ready. Might be worth a look. Oh, and got to ask, did you take the Kona to the (infamous) Pawn Stars pawn shop? 😂

    • I don’t use Walmart in any fashion, just don’t like the business on different levels. I was creeped out the last time I went into the store near me. I considered taking the bike there, but didn’t as it’s much further away than a chain store of pawn shops close by.

  2. Our pharmacy drives me crazy! They start every robo call with “Due to the pandemic, please do not come to our pharmacy in person if you are sneezing, coughing..etc” And THEN they do our prescriptions one at a time so they will call seven days in a row for us to come. (we wait until the seventh day because duh we are not idiots – we do not go to pharmacies seven days in a row when we can go once and pick up seven prescriptions.) 😫

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