Sunny Sky, A Painful Ride

A painful ride to the pharmacy, my back has slowly been sliding out for two days now and I am pretty sure why. Hello, Pedego! Lifting my right leg high enough to get over the bag has caused this. The bike is not a step-through frame either, it can be done though so once this settles down I’ll have to try that again. In the meantime, hello cane my old friend!

15 thoughts on “Sunny Sky, A Painful Ride

    • Thanks, Tone. I can walk without the cane for a while then need it again, I have three herniated lower lumbars. Getting on and off the new E-Bike has made them angry! I hope your knee is better soon, we can’t ride like this!

      • I think it’s the price of getting old 🙁 I went downstairs last night and looked forlornly at my new bike, just sitting there, unused.
        My knee seems to have plateaued for a few days now, still swollen a little, not too sore, but feels like it will pop again if I use it too much. I’m trying to stay off it as much as I can, fingers crossed.

        • I totally understand. I have to baby my back for a few days until it settles down. I’m only 60 but don’t like this getting older crap!

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