Ringed Flags

This is the last set of these flags photographed at the park several days ago. Thanks, iPhone for the great photos! It’s super windy this morning which is making my old house creak in the powerful gusts. Sunshine and 61F are on tap for today in the valley. My back is still not feeling too good and I’m still using the cane. This crap is why I have a handicap tag in my truck! And, it’s another day of no bike rides which really sucks. I hope your day is pain-free my friend!

7 thoughts on “Ringed Flags

  1. Sorry to hear that your back isn’t feeling great. I find doing some light stretches and taking a warm bath afterwards helps soothe my back whenever it aches. Happy American Thanksgiving by the way.

    • Aww thank you! You had yours a few weeks ago I think. I love Canada! I hot shower does help it as does this huge vibrator I have being rubbed around it. It’s still angry this morning but better than it was a couple of days ago. Takes time…

  2. These photos are fantastic! Freeze frame! I know what you mean about back pain. It’s awful. I’m dealing with that too after a weekend of traveling and sitting. A back massager helps. Hopefully you can still enjoy Thanksgiving!

  3. Dan has back and joint issues. It really does make life miserable. 😟. I hope the pain in your your back eases off soon, John. Can you take anything for it, or rub anything on it?

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