The Colorful Canyon

On the right side of the photo just below the center is some red rock which is a part of Red Rock Canyon but you can’t see the actual canyon because it’s below the ground level. To get to the canyon, you must stop at the toll booth and fork over around $13 dollars or so.

Passing by the entrance today, a sign stated that you must have a reservation to enter the twelve-mile scenic loop area. Thanks very much, covid. I’ve driven this beautiful loop several times over the years and think the fee is worth it. They also have a nice visitor’s center too with the usual tourist trap items for sale.

The hike down into the canyon is fairly long and I tried to do it by going down maybe one-third of the way and had a tough time climbing back up. This getting older shit really sucks!

5 thoughts on “The Colorful Canyon

  1. This does sound like a beautiful spot. I’m never a fan of hikes that start with a descent. I’d rather get the uphill portion over and done with first. Although, coming back down can sometimes be harder than the way up…

    • Thanks very much, Derrick! I just uploaded some photos from yesterday that are too blue, I can’t seem to correct the colors either…

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