Which Is Which?

I had a very quick ride out of town a bit ago but came home sooner than expected due to the rather thick holiday traffic out there. Phooey! I took about one-half dozen photos with the Nikon and the same with the iPhone 12. Can you tell which photos are which below? Unfortunately, it’s bloody obvious in my opinion. How’s your hump day going?

14 thoughts on “Which Is Which?

  1. Yesterday I had to take mom out to search for something and my son called wondering if I would bring him a soda. Not a problem since I was only a few blocks from where he was working. Problem? Back to back to back traffic. I dread what we will be facing from here on out.

    • The photo with the rock wall? That’s a Nikon photo. The photo that is looking down into the valley, and the photo with the side mirror are iPhone photos.

    • That is slowly becoming my opinion which is a bit odd since the Nikon is supposed to produce better images. But, I’m an amateur photographer… πŸ˜‚

  2. My eyes are not good enough. Next time can you take one with the Nikon then immediately after take another (same view) with the phone? That’ll give a real side by side comparison, and maybe I can pick out differences…

    • That’s a good idea, sorry about this! No worries of course, I am still amazed with the image quality of this device.

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