I Just Don’t Like Them…

I don’t know why, but these photos taken yesterday are way too blue and I couldn’t get the level of blue down no matter what I did in processing. Irritating! Anyway, I wish my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving day today! Since my family is scattered about, I am alone today which is OK, I like my peace and quiet. It’s time to call everyone and wish them a wonderful day today and I’ll see you soon! Sunshine and 61F are on tap for today, the low 70s are back soon!

28 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Like Them…

  1. The photos look fine to me, John. I like the blue. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving from all of us here!

    It was 32 degrees here this morning, 29 yesterday and 27 the day before. Daytime warms up into the low 40s or low 50s depending on cloud cover.

    • Thanks, and to you both as well! That’s darn chilly, and I find 61F for a high here today cold? I’ll be up north in a few days freezing my bum off, I hope there’s no snow.

  2. John, Happy Blessed Thanksgiving!

    The photos are beautiful but if you are not happy with deep blue, you can add a little bit yellow in your editing software or decrease saturation and see do you like it or not.

    • Thanks, Kaya! I did try the saturation but not adding yellow. I am colorblind in the blue, purple and red ranges which can’t help!

  3. I think the photos are beautiful, John! Happy ThanksgivingπŸ’ž I have been along for a few holidays in recent years and have enjoyed spending time remembering the best of previous times. (They are even better the second time around – you can filter out the not so great memories. πŸ˜‚)

    • Thanks so much, Annmarie, you are so kind! I too have been thinking of Thanksgiving past at my folks home. The entire family around one very long table. Sharing a great meal that my mother lovingly put together, so delicious! Spending time with those we love the most. Now I’m gonna tear up!

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