I Wish This Button Existed…

A couple of years ago, I was on the way home from Michigan at 35 thousand feet or so with some big mouth young guy in the seat behind me that just wouldn’t shut the hell up. Yap yap yap! I so wanted to turn around and tell him to shut the F up but that’s not me. But I sure wanted to and I felt sorry for his seatmates. I blurred the bad word for you. Have you ever been in this situation, or perhaps a screaming baby nearby? Babies shouldn’t be allowed on airplanes, LOL!

9 thoughts on “I Wish This Button Existed…

  1. you say what most people think but don’t want to say! lol It’s so difficult in a plane, it’s a shared environment and some people just do not have the manners to pull it off!

  2. I once spent an hour and a half train journey in which a young woman like this man managed to mention Tom Cruise in every other sentence all the way to London.

  3. I flew to Regina from LaRonge in a turbo prop plane with my firstborn when he was about eight months old. When we got off the plane, everyone was shocked that there had been a baby on board. He never made a peep. I never flew again with any of my kids when they were tots but took the three of them on the bus several times. They were always good. No idea why, I am a terrible traveller.

    • Apparently you are a really good mother, Annmarie! Amazing. Gladly, not all children on my flights have been unruly. I believe though that some people just don’t care and let their children do as they please in any situation. My ex and I always took our children outside in a restaurant situation to keep the peace inside. That kind of courtesy and common sense seems to be gone today.

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