Making Chili And Chicken Soup

While at the grocery store this morning, I opted to grab the goodies for soup and chili this time as my refrigerator and cupboards were getting barren again. All the store had was unsalted broth so I had to add some salt to it but it’s still pretty decent. Since the pandemic, the store(s) don’t have some of the items I like, or they have much less of them but I’m grateful for what I can get. I added two Serrano peppers and some red pepper to the chili this time as well as an extra can of Bush’s Chili kidney beans, they are so good in my chili! This forever bachelor dude will not starve!

8 thoughts on “Making Chili And Chicken Soup

    • Thanks! I bought the unsalted broth which had me pouring a bit of salt into the pot to add a bit more flavor, just finished two bowls. Yum!

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