Eleven Miles

I enjoyed a nice eleven-mile ride this afternoon under the blue sky among lovely palm trees. Purchasing the electric bike has been a great choice! Here are some iPhone photos for you along the way. Coming upon the parking block with the words about President Trump was disturbing, such pure hatred. Whoever you are, please leave the country.

10 thoughts on “Eleven Miles

  1. Lovely captures while out on your bike ride. Looks like you had lovely weather as well. We’re currently in Michigan on our way back to Canada and got some fresh snow last night.

    • They got some snow in the south end of the lower peninsula recently, I’ll be in Michigan in 2 days for the family Christmas! It’ll be tough though in terms of the cold. It’s been in the low 70s here.

  2. Wow, you made eleven miles on a bike! It’s so great, John!
    You inspired me to walk this morning in our local park. One and a half mile 🙂

    • Me too, ducks are so cute! I was disgusted with the parking block, how disgusting. I meant what I sad too, these people need to deport themselves to China or North Korea where they belong…

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