Down The Chute

This is a recently built spillway for flood control. The building on the other side of the wall is actually a home but looks like an office building doesn’t it? The floor drops very sharply about two-thirds the way down its length but the bike’s electric motor had no problem getting back up on the way out. There was road and home construction going on on the other end of the chute. Sunshine and seventy-two degrees are forecast for today. Tomorrow I’ll be in the ice and snow.

12 thoughts on “Down The Chute

    • Oh yeah, back to much better weather! It’ll be tough getting around the airport as my back is in bad shape, it’s really hard to walk and I can’t take my cane on the aircraft unless it is collapsed and in a checked bag. Yep, everyone is a bad guy these days, guilty until proven otherwise.

      I have a cane waiting for me up there though. There was a shooting at the high school where my kids went and my niece’s children currently attend. Thank God they are OK. What the hell has happened to this country!

      • I was just watching the sheriff give an information session on that. Terrible thing to happen. I would be afraid to go back to school, even though the incident is over and everything is all clear. That boy must have been disturbed.

        • Deeply disturbed. My sister sent me a photo of a phone screen or website he was posting on that said “see you tomorrow Oxford. Totally premeditated. His life is over, the family’s life is over. How sad a vile. The little bastard isn’t cooperating with police either. Stuff like this makes me wonder why we don’t have Capitol Punishment anymore…

  1. WOW! The first one is great, I feel as if I am there… beautiful. Thank you, Love, nia

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