Back In Las Vegas!

Well that was a very quick five days, wasn’t it! But a wonderful five days it was and so good for my soul. This is the first time in two years that my entire immediate family has been all together and it was so much fun! So many hugs and I love you’s were said.

My trip was cut a wee bit short because my dad’s procedure happened to fall on Monday, yesterday which had me staying overnight at the big hotel located at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Good food, nice rooms. Dad is home now and resting comfortably after two stents were out in his blocked arteries. Amen!

Thanks to my sister for taking care of him, she is such a sweet soul, I love her so much. Good times, great people, and delicious food! I chose to leave the Nikon Zed Six and the fifty-millimeter lens at home in favor of using the iPhone 12 which worked out beautifully. It’s so nice to simply offload each day’s photos and videos to my cloud storage.

My sis will disburse the photos when I have completed processing them to everyone. I took a few videos of the gray skies, strong wind, and dead leaves swirling about. So gray, dark, and dank in my home state, this reassured me that I indeed made the correct choice to stay in Las Vegas after the big D in 2016.

It’s actually overcast here today but it won’t last long. I can be outside without a three-inch-thick deer hunting jacket too. Nice. Anyway, more to come so do stick around? It’s good to be home!

22 thoughts on “Back In Las Vegas!

  1. Welcome back dear John! I am glad to hear that your Dad is going well with his procedures. It is so nice to be with your family, Lovely Dog, and nice protographs, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. So nice that you were able to see your family after such a long time. I hope you enjoyed it.
    Now you are back in the warmer climate again 🙂

    • Thanks! And I totally agree, dropping down from the cloud deck is was a bummer to the valley covered in gray. 5 days up north is enough of that ****!!

  3. Welcome home. I’m glad that you had what sounds to have been an amazing time. The photos are wonderful as always. Hopes and prayers for a speedy recover for your dad.

    • Thanks, and thank you, Rebecca! Dad is ho e and doing very well, amen! It was so wonderful to ❤️ family I haven’t seen in over 18 months, so good for the soul! ❤️

    • Thanks and thanks, guys! It’s good to be home. Dad is home and doing great, prayers are answered! Blondie is such a sweet baby, even at 95 pounds!

    • Thanks, Tone, the bird nest stands out like a broken thumb! She loves a rub anyplace! Even her bum, such a sweet dog!

  4. I wish your Dad a fast recovery. It’s so nice that your sister is looking after your Dad. What a cute and sweet dog with such a great expression on his face. Yes, she looks powerful and strong! And sweet!

    • She’s such a sweet dog, I threaten dad that I’m gonna take her home with me but she won’t fit in my suitcase, LOL! My sister is such a sweet lady, I love her so much. Mum passed in 2012 so dad needs her care. ❤️

    • Hi Annmarie! That’s Blondie, she’s a Labradoodle. 95 pounds of very sweet girl. I have more photos coming up later or tomorrow, it’s good to be home! Thanks for being my first comment. I see you’ve had lots of fresh snow there, time for a toasty fire and a nice drink!

        • Thanks! She’s just four-years old and very sweet once she gets to know you. Until then, she’s very stand off-ish. Her bark can be felt in your chest, she’s a powerful, strong girl but sooo sweet!

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