Mountains and Flowers

What a beautiful day it is today, sunshine and blue sky! Those of you who are regular visitors already know that I went grocery shopping today, old Johnnie’s cupboards were getting bare again. It’s interesting what a 3.5-hour airplane ride can do, yesterday I was shivering in a thick hunting coat, today I’m riding around town with the window down and wearing just a T-shirt and short pants! I love my home state but not its bitter winters…

7 thoughts on “Mountains and Flowers

    • Thanks! I’ll take your word on that, Rebecca, I’ve never been in your state. The trees that do shed are getting with it now, I have to blow my neighbor’s leaves back on his front yard as I have all palm trees on my property.

        • I do love chili dogs with onions and cheese! However, it’s the salt and meat. I stopped eating red meat, hot dogs and almost completely stopped eating chicken. But a hot dog does sound sooo good! I just love chili though, as a kid I loved it, I still love it at nearly 61!

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