Piston Time

I tried to get that very cool piston clock home with me, but my dad wouldn’t let me have it. Bummer! The other photos were taken in the main lobby of the Westin Hotel that I stayed at for one night before flying home yesterday.

The restaurant you see has very good food, I had a spicy chicken sandwich and fries for lunch, then a delicious omelet, hash browns, and rye toast for a very early breakfast before catching my flight home. The main lobby connects directly to the Delta terminal so it was simple to get to my gate for departure at 8:55AM Detroit time.

I really like the huge piece of art hanging over the main lobby, it’s super big and very pretty in person.

I was the only person passing through the TSA area so that too was a breeze which is nice when you’re having to take your CPAP machine out, take off your belt and shoes and basically bare your soul to strangers in the name of being safe while eight miles above the surface of Planet Earth.

13 thoughts on “Piston Time

  1. At least when you have to take a CPAP machine it doesn’t count against your count of carry-on pieces. I know that for at least American and Alaska airlines, but think most have the same. It goes as a “medical device”. The TSA guys at Seattle politely called me over to the X-ray machine so I could explain what my BIPAP ventilator was. Interesting that you were the only one going through the TSA checkpoint. We had no waiting at Austin Bergstrom airport either.

    • They are called Durable Medical Equipment, or DME. The entrance I used was directly off of the hotel so there was very little traffic there which was super nice for a change. No hurry up and get your ass moving like usual!

  2. Cool photos. Interesting clocks – my daughter-in-law would fight you for them. She has a thing about clocks. The wall above their basement staircase is covered with unique clocks. Not sure if Dan keeps them all running. It wouldn’t be easy changing batteries or winding them. 🤔

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