Shot With Sony

This was today’s sort of kind of sunset, not much to look at I guess but the Sony RX100 VII does take some seriously good photos, what do you think? It’s 4:22PM and nearly dark already, can we discard the Daylight Saving Time, please!

6 thoughts on “Shot With Sony

  1. I’m hoping we get rid of Daylight Saving Time too. It messes up my sleep cycle. There’s lots of places now that have stopped changing their clocks, such as Saskatchewan and Iceland.

    • Really? I thought this was strictly an American thing. It’s so damn stupid! I do not like seeing it so dark at 4:30PM, this isn’t Sweden after all…

    • Thanks, that’s the sun illuminating the haze I suppose. The blue range is rather subtle in these photos, nothing like the iPhone outputs.

  2. I wish! They always say they are considering it, but we still do it here. That was the only thing I liked about living in AZ. They don’t do it, there.

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