The Guest House

I am certainly not a guest in this old house! This tiny little house was built in the early 1960s like me and is located away from the main house. I usually stay in this little house when I visit my family. Everyone else is local so they drive to the location for our family Christmas or other family events.

The little house sports a full basement, two bedrooms, a full bath, and a nice kitchen. The last update was in the 1990s though so the place is a bit out of date as you can imagine. In other news from my place, yesterday was sunny and bright. Today is overcast and windy as hell, so what’s up with that, old man winter?

I can fly back to Michigan if I want this crappy weather! Today’s weather has a chance of rain and just 57 cold degrees. Gladly, Las Vegas has 300+ days per year of sunshine so this crap isn’t going to stick around like it does back home.

17 thoughts on “The Guest House

  1. How nice to have a guest house all to yourself when visiting family. It’s always nice to have your own space (even if it is a bit outdated). Sorry to hear about the gloomy weather. We have some pretty miserable weather here in Ontario too. There’s also a rainfall warning for later today. Oh goodie.

      • Dear John, again I can’t make comment on your blog. Actually I make but it doesn’t seem on the page, as if I didn’t make. But just a few minutes ago I made three comments and none of them appeared. What’s happening? Love, nia

    • Thanks! That’s what they may get unless it snows up there. I’m gonna close the plantation shutters today I think, nothing to see out there and certainly not bike riding weather…

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