The New MacBook

Well, I went ahead and spent the money on a brand new MacBook this morning. The old Mac was a 2017 model and was really showing its age in a few ways. It took me around an hour and a half to get this new machine all set up like the other one was except for some fine-tuning later. These machines are not cheap! I purchased the 16-inch version this time, that’s three more inches diagonally which is nice, a bit easier on the old eyeballs.

15 thoughts on “The New MacBook

    • Thanks! I’m still adjusting to the larger size but I like the larger screen. This machine runs much faster too, the page load time is significantly faster with the M1 chip. I have a very fast link to via Cox Cable.

    • I rarely used the iMac, never should have purchased it but it too was having issues. It was time for both ot them to go and so far this has been a great decision, Derrick. This machine runs considerably faster with the newer M1 chip. Page loads are faster and I have a very fast cable connection too. Still getting used to the lager size though.

    • Thanks so much, Rudi! It was time to trade the old machines in. They both had some odd technical issues that I couldn’t fix without reloading the OS. May as well just get one brand new machine.

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