Two States

Well, I’ve had the booster shot now and so far I’m still oscillating! The grayscale photos were taken the other day back home in Michigan, the others were taken this morning using the Sony RX100 Mark7. Sunshine, breezy, and around fifty-five degrees is the forecast for Las Vegas today.

It’s amazing how far the temperature swings here from summer highs of 115F to a frost-freeze warning last night in some areas around here. My computers have reached the point now where it’s time for them to be traded in.

The iMac and this MacBook Pro are both nearing five years of age and they are showing it now in different ways so I may be heading off to the Apple Store in Downtown Summerlin today to trade them both in for one brand new MacBook Pro. We shall see what happens!

13 thoughts on “Two States

  1. 5 years looks not so old to me…. I’m working in an ASUS PC (Windows) that I bought in 2008 and it’s still working great. Maybe I’m extremely lucky 🙂 🙂 🙂
    What a contrast between these pictures (in temperture)

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