The Beautiful Labradoodle

Isn’t Blondie just so beautiful? Look at those eyes and very long eyelashes. She sheds very little and her hair feels like real hair! She is 95 pounds of pure sweetness and loves to be scratched and rubbed anyplace you choose, what an attention hog! I really love this sweet girl…

While I am sitting in the chair in the man cave, she will just walk up to you and drop her big head in your crotch, basically demanding another scratching under her collar or anywhere you choose. Big baby! And oh so sweet, she just loves up on you so much. My folks have always had the best luck in choosing their dogs.

Blondie is probably too large a dog for my little home yet I always tell dad that I am going to take her home with me!

23 thoughts on “The Beautiful Labradoodle

  1. She is very a beautiful dog, John, and I can understand you wanting to take her home. The heat in summer might be a bit much for a big dog like her, though.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! I hadn’t considered that fact, her hair is short but not enough to let her cool down much if at all.

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