The Sony RX100 Disappointed Me Today

Today is full of bright sunshine so I decided to have a quick ride outside of the city for some desert photos. Disappointed best describes my thoughts on shooting with the Sony RX100 mirrorless camera. Almost the entire color range looks dull and unfocused to me. Perhaps I’m a bit too picky and over-scrutinising the photos and camera but honestly, my new iPhone 12 takes better photos. These are all from the Sony camera, the next post will feature photos taken with the iPhone only. In this set, there are just two photos that think make the cut. The rest of them should be in file 13!

4 thoughts on “The Sony RX100 Disappointed Me Today

  1. Maybe it had something to do with the sun, or light. The first two are not as sharp as the others it seems, the red mountains are clear and bright!

    • Hi Lisa, I will likely replace the camera fairly soon. My next set of photos here today will all be from the iPhone 12, they are far better. Phone cameras are giving standard cameras a real run for the money these days!

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