The 100 Mile Checkup

It was a cold ride even with a jacket and sweater underneath. I rode to the Pedego store where I purchased my new bike so it can get the 100-mile checkup the company offers. The bike was very much ready for some adjustments including the gear shift system and the rear brake being squishy, or not working as well as it should. The brakes no longer squeal!

The tire pressure was reduced to offer a slightly softer ride and I replaced the original seat with a larger, more bum-friendly seat which was great on the ride home. Along the way I grabbed a few photos, some locations I had already photographed. The usual assortment of ducks, geese, coots, and pigeons were all there enjoying this cool but sunny day.

Now, if it would just warm up about twenty degrees!

17 thoughts on “The 100 Mile Checkup

  1. I am enjoying all these blue sky photos, John. It is 35 degree and raining heavily here this morning. But after fire season and prolonged drought, I really can’t complain too much! πŸ™‚

  2. Its currently 28 here but supposed to warm up quickly. This has been an odd December for us here with very little really cold weather. Which doesn’t bother me terribly, it simply isn’t December temperatures. Glad you were able to get your bike taken care of.

    • That’s interesting. I’ve never been in your state let alone during the colder months. The entire country had unseasonably warm temps a while back. The temps are more normal here now with upper 50s, lower 60s.

    • Thanks! It’s no different than riding snowmobiles under clear blue skies I guess. Being acclimated to the climate here, 50 degrees is rather cold!

    • Thanks, I love me some blue sky!! The new seat was great on the ride home, my bum thanked me! The bike was in need of a good tuneup, the brakes are much better too. 😎

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