Twelve Photos of The Pedego Bike

I was determined to get my ride in today regardless of the temperature hovering around fifty degrees so I donned an extra T-shirt to go under the sweater and jacket which made the ride much more comfortable. For a while anyway. I rode just seven miles but that’s better than zero miles.

Along the way, I thought to hop off the bike and take a nice series of photos of the bike using the iPhone 12 which came out looking pretty good. I am very happy that I purchased this great bike, it’s so much fun to ride!

17 thoughts on “Twelve Photos of The Pedego Bike

    • Thanks so much! I love riding it everywhere since the pedal assist is so helpful. No ride today though since it’s raining and cold…

    • That’s a perfect question, Annmarie. Some young boys asked me the same question as I pedaled past them on one of my first rides.

      My reply was that you can pedal if you want to for the exercise (yay) or just let the hub motor do the work when you are tired which happens with me often enough, making this bike a real blessing!

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