A $250 Dollar Service Call Fee?

Yes, that’s what the guy on the other end of the line said. The range hood over my stove has never worked quite right since it was installed and needs fixing. I searched online for different companies that can resolve this and be done with it. The first company I called was answered by what sounded like a very grumpy old man with a really cheap phone.

I asked him to repeat the fee. It was indeed $250 bucks. I asked the guy straight up where he came up with that number, that’s what I said by the way. He seemed a bit miffed with my query. I told him that “I don’t think we can do business, sir”. He hung up on me. Isn’t this lovely?

What happened to courteous, friendly people, especially regarding operating a business? They seem to have forgotten that people can take their money elsewhere. These photos were taken very early this morning as the sun shone upon the western foothills not far from my place. Actually, they are about three miles away.

16 thoughts on “A $250 Dollar Service Call Fee?

  1. Hope you get your range hood fixed. I am not surprised by the amount – it would definitely be that amount here. Where I worked, two years ago, it was that much and now with Covid restrictions, I am sure they must have to charge more.

      • For us, it was because most jobs were two man and that meant two trucks to the jobsite here. And it every job out meant loading the trucks with tools needed (we did different things that used different tools), driving to sit, doing the job, driving back and switching tools. Doesn’t take very much to burn an hour of labour. And of course that is CDN dollars.

        • Gladly, not all people are like this, and there is no excuse for that behavior in a business. My family operated a large auto dealership for decades, that kind of behavior would have put us out of business!

  2. Don’t know how that “business” has stayed in business with that kind of service fee plus a grumpy guy on the phones. Did you find some other place to repair your hood?

    • He’s like the asswipe who painted the inside of my home a couple of years ago, he was arguing with me loudly outside in the street! I should check to see if that company has gone under the waves. I guess the guy on the phone yesterday wasn’t used to customers taking him on with such a ludicrous fee…

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