Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop

This company is nationwide I think but makes some delish subs. Once in a while, I’ll cheat and eat a little meat and extra sodium which is countered by more blood pressure medications. You know you’ve arrived at your Senior years when you have a freaking pharmacy in the medicine chest!

Anyway, the weather is absolutely shitty out there, the winds are howling, the house is creaking and the rain is pouring down. I have to wonder if the plane I took home from Michigan dropped me off at the wrong airport? I just feel so grumpy on days like this! Supposedly, the sun will be back tomorrow…

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15 thoughts on “Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop

  1. Welcome home. Hope you had a good visit with your family.I get grumpy and sad when I don’t get enough sunshine.
    Yesterday it was-3 Celsius and windchill-9 .but it was sunny and went out into my truck at lunch and put the seat back and pretended it was summer. It helped. Stay well.. away from too much salt.

  2. This is a great place to have a lunch. We also have Jersey Mike’s Sub Shop and only a few blocks away from my house. Their sandwiches are delicious and so huge.
    John, like all of these photos and how you edited them. Just so great!

  3. We have them here and I’ve eaten from there. I have to be careful though not to eat too much processed meat. I’ve learned –the hard way– that if I consume too much I might as well expect a bout of vertigo. Since I seriously hate those, I avoid the sandwich meats,

    • I’m sorry that you have to deal with that, Rebecca, but your better off avoiding these anyway in terms of salt and fat in the meat. Yeah, I cheated…

    • Thanks! I had to crop some of the photos waaay down. Not always good, it depends on the photo in terms of clarity and pixels. I was bored waiting for the sub…

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