My Doctor Was An Idiot!

What a day it’s been up to now. It’s gray and raining and I feel grouchy! I have been calling my GP doctor’s office since last Friday and got put on hold for ten minutes and hung up. I called the office back later that same day and the phone just rang and rang and rang and… You get the idea.

So, today I drove to the office and explained to them what’s been going on. Nobody seemed to give a crap! After chatting with another patient in the waiting room, I and two others were appalled to learn that not only was this guy NOT vaccinated, he also left the country abruptly and retired so that he could be back home in the Philippines to tend to a sick family member.

Now, God bless him for taking care of his family of course, however, to NOT notify his patients (some did get a letter, I didn’t) that his practice was being taken over by two doctors is absolutely ludicrous. I am pissed and feel as though he never gave a rat’s ass about any of his patient’s health concerns. And not being vaccinated! What an idiot!

This is incredibly selfish and ignorant of him. As far as I am concerned, he can stay in his home country, don’t come back you damn fool! After pitching a bitch about all of this, I was given an appointment to see the new doctor even though I didn’t have one. The patients in the waiting room had appointments but were also disturbed to learn about his sudden departure and not being vaccinated. Idiot! I feel somehow violated!

16 thoughts on “My Doctor Was An Idiot!

  1. John, I have a difficult time to call this practitioner a doctor.
    Unfortunately, there are physicians who care only about money.

    • Thanks Lavinia, if I don’t like what goes on during the next appointment, I’ll be looking for a new GP. My money is green elsewhere!

  2. You mentioned your new Doc is “well qualified”. Is she board certified, etc? She is in the same office as your previous one who split? I think I’d be finding another group if I was in your shoes, though obviously none of my business.

    • Neither system is flawless in my view but I wish that we had the system that the UK and Canada have. I’m fine, thank you, Ian! 🙏🏻😎

  3. Beyond ridiculous! Your blood pressure must have been through the roof! I hope going forward things will work out and you’ll be in good hands, John

    • Thanks, Lisa, I was very upset, they knew it and I let them have it in a nice way. So far so good though but my next appointment in February will tell the tale if I’ll stay there.

  4. Its been so long since I’ve been I really don’t think I have a doctor any more. The last time I went I had a new doctor and she was supposed to do a simple physical. When I got my hands on the EOB it was almost $800 mostly for a lot of blood work that I have no idea the purpose or results.

    • That crap happens, our health care costs and system here are so broken, it’s disgusting! I hope you’ll find a new doctor. ❤️

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