A Chilly Forecast

I took a ride in the truck this morning and saw the snow atop the mountains over 5000 feet, so pretty way up there but it can stay there! It’s just too cold for me to want to head out for a ride today and probably for the next several days which sucks. I did see a group of bicycles riding on the road this morning though, they must be very heavily wrapped up. Fifty degrees is pretty cold for me but at least our high temperature isn’t 28F degrees!

6 thoughts on “A Chilly Forecast

    • It’s a bit cooler than usual which I’ll be happy to see go away, Derrick. At least the snow stays high in the mountains!

    • Thanks! The iPhone can’t produce a good photo at full zoom. The snow was at and above 5000 feet according to the NWS last night which is great as my home is at 2800 ASL!

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