A New Camera

Recently, I’ve sold the Sony RX100 and the Nikon Z6 cameras and used the money for a newer, much lighter Nikon called the Nikon Z50. The camera body is much smaller and lighter yet retains plenty of functionality while using a 16-50mm lens which is quite small. These are some test photos I took this afternoon around the house. The camera has some fun effects built into it too, some of which you can see in these photos. I will use the 16-50mm lens for a while to learn its capabilities but can always add one other lens as the lenses are interchangeable on this body. More to come.

25 thoughts on “A New Camera

      • Yes, when I first got a Nikon Ftn back in the Dark Ages, my first lens was a 90mm. I didn’t have any other lenses for a few months, but using that one lens for those months, I learned a lot about its capabilities. It was an eye opener. When I bought other lenses, I used them exclusively for a few weeks before I brought out the other lenses on hand.

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