Rollin’ On Down The Road

Here are a couple more photos from yesterday using the Nikon Z50 camera. The road is Charleston Boulevard where it heads south, most of this road is east to west and crosses the entirety of Las Vegas Valley. The other photo is goofy but I happened to look down at the gauges and saw that this seven-year-old truck was just then hitting 27,000 miles. It’s never seen dirt roads, muddy roads, or even one grain of road salt! I take great care of everything I own, it’s a habit…

6 thoughts on “Rollin’ On Down The Road

  1. I am always shocked to see vehicles that are filled with candy wrappers, pop cans, and the like. I just couldn’t – ever! My kids never ate in our vehicles. I am a bit easier with the kids but they would never ask Grandma for chocolate or ice cream in our car – and that waste bag is there for a reason! 😂

    • I am the only one who drives the truck and have rarely eaten in it, hence the seats are in fantastic shape. I hope that your feeling better today, Annmarie! ☺️

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