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Are you guys tired of my repetitive desert photos? I hope not, as usual, I took way too many photos out there the other day. I hope that you enjoy the beauty of the Mojave Desert as much as I do. Today would be a fabulous day for a hike at Calico Basin, but my damn lower back just won’t permit this, it’s painful to walk and it was painful having to stand for the time it took to make another fresh pot of guess what? You guessed it! I wish that I could share a bowl with you.

16 thoughts on “More Desert Photos

    • So far it’s been tough to deal with, walking without the cane is difficult but I can do it. The only relief I get is sitting down or sleeping. The colder weather doesn’t seem to augment the pain, it’s just there all of the time throbbing. Ouch.

        • It’s OK, and you are very fortunate! If it comes down to it, I’ll have to see a spine specialist again which I did in 2013 here when it got really bad. The steroidal injections really helped but I really don’t want to go through that again, it’s really bad.

            • It ain’t good but I’m a tough old turkey! I’ll survive. I just looked up the mall you mentioned, it has three stores that I recognise from down here. I’ll bet they have a Canadian Tire store and a Timmy’s! Yum.

              • Neither – there is a small food court and Dairy, Safeway, and a number of small shops, optometrist and hairdresser. It used to be much better but the bigger shops moved to the suburbs.

                • Awww that’s too bad. That’s what has happened in my hometown. The downtown stores are moving south and along the much busier M-24 and the I-69 freeway. Business is business, but it’s not good for those who own the buildings downtown.

    • Thanks, Anita, it’s much cooler than it looks. I just got home from a seven-mile bike ride in 50F weather. A bit nippy!

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