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Good chilly morning from Las Vegas where it’s currently 37 chilly degrees with a high of 52 degrees forecast. Too cold, I hope to get a few miles in on the Pedego this afternoon. These photos are all from the new Nikon Z50 camera. I have no plans for this weekend other than making a new pot of chili, getting some photos, and hopefully some bike rides. What are your plans for today and Sunday?

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  1. That palm photo looks like a painting. Is that one of the features of your photo editing programs? I know many years ago, Windows had an app that applied watercolour effect to photos. Though I usually prefer the real thing, I liked the watercolour app.

    • Actually, that effect and six others are built into the Nikon Z50 I just picked up. This camera has all of the other modes that the Z6 and other Nikon bodies have, but with the effects built in. I think this camera is just a step or two above the Point-And-Shoot class of cameras. But I like it better, it’s much smaller and lighter and super easy to use. I think the iPhone 12 photos I’ve posted recently are running a very close second to this camera.

    • Thank you, Kaya, it will be fine in time I hope. It usually settles down in a few weeks… Sitting on the couch is not painful thankfully!

  2. I didn’t expect that it can be so chilly where you live. Our morning today is also frigid cold and I am staying at home.
    John, I love how you photograph the roads, they always have a great perspective.

    • Thanks so much, Kaya! My back is still angry so I am inclined to stay in the truck and shoot which isn’t good but it is what it is. It can get below freezing down here too but it doesn’t stay that cold. A high of 55F is coming in a couple of days which puts the overnight lows above 32F. The weather here is still super mild compared to my Michigan hometown which I love.

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