Last Of The Desert Photos

I put another seven miles on the new bike this afternoon before calling it quits because of the cool weather and not having gloves. My hands get far too cold so I ordered a nice pair of biking gloves from Amazon. I tried Target but the place was a freaking madhouse, no thanks!

12 thoughts on “Last Of The Desert Photos

    • Oh my gosh, it was a major zoo! As I left without gloves, a wave of people came in the doors such that I had to wait to exit the store! No thanks. My gloves will be here today thanks to Amazon! 😂

  1. Great that you’re getting lots of exercise. That cool weather sounds perfect for it as long as you’re dressed for it. I can see the hands getting cold. Gloves are a good idea.

    • Thank you, Mike! There’s nothing quite like this in the UK I’m sure. Tourists and locals hike and rock climb here, I’ve hiked this are a few times before my back said no more for a while!

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