Porch Pirates

In the last week, I’ve had two packages stolen from my front porch. I went round and round with emails from the first company, they even produced a supposedly valid delivery report from UPS. I told the jerk that I don’t care about that, the package was never delivered! I never heard from him again.

Thanks for your help, asshole. Now, here’s theft number two. Yesterday, I ordered some gloves from Amazon to keep my hands warm while riding the bike. The package was not on my porch when I arrived home from the ride, yet an email from Amazon stated that the package was delivered.

No, it wasn’t! After some thought and reading online about this problem, I found that Amazon and UPS drivers have been caught on cameras everywhere taking packages from people’s homes. This has got to be what has been happening here. Unfortunately, my doorbell camera didn’t see anything. It’s a matter of my words -vs- their words.

Of course, the companies will do whatever they can to protect their bottom line at the expense of the consumer. I am mad and frustrated! I’m going to have to be home going forward to be sure that these pirates don’t walk off with my gloves and camera accessories that I ordered.

Christmas is fun, Christmas also brings out the crooks who believe that they are entitled to other people’s property.

Update: neighbor received my gloves, they showed up on my doorbell cam. I knew that my neighbors are not thieves!

20 thoughts on “Porch Pirates

  1. The odd thing about rural settings..while to my knowledge I haven’t had a problem myself, I have seen comments from others where packages never showed only to be found placed in front of gates for cattle pastures or propped up against mailboxes-not always theirs. I’ve seen where people have posted asking if anyone knew so and so and where they lived as they have their package..We once were waiting on a package that I was tracking. It was some computer part for my son. It was on its way, then suddenly it had been returned to shipper as the address was unknown. We have lived here for 33 years..had things delivered many times, but suddenly we were unknown. Online ordering.. its the way to go..right?

  2. That is frustrating! We have been lucky so far. I have never heard of the delivery drivers being the issue (although they do not always ring our doorbell). I have seen a few news stories about couriers doing some amazingly heroic things lately on their routes. I hope a few bad apples don’t get away with ruining their reputation.

    • Well, one package went to my neighbor, he dropped it off on my doorstep. The other one was with UPS, I got screwed out of $200 dollars worth of camera equipment I bought from a gift card my sister gave me. The damn package was never at my door. Of course, the company didn’t believe me. I have 2 packages coming today, let’s see if they both make it…

      • That is terrible! Here we have people who do go take packages off of people’s doorsteps but it isn’t the couriers. People catch them on their security cameras and they are just asshats lurking around the neighborhood while people are at work. I hope you get your deliveries today.

  3. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues with porch pirates. Glad that one of your packages was accidentally shipped to your neighbours. But it goes to show that the delivery people don’t always get it right.

  4. I’m glad you got the gloves! It is maddening that people can’t be trusted with deliveries. I think you’re on to something to be home when you’re expecting a delivery. Do you have the USP app that will alert you when the item is out for delivery?

    • I’m going to try hard to be here! The only way I track them is with the link in the email. I happened to be out riding my bike when the gloves were delivered next door…

      • We’ve been timing how long between the email/text message and the actual arrival of the product is. It’s within seconds/minutes. I hope you’re able to coordinate bike trips with the delivery service.

  5. This is a real problem, also here they just ring at the frontdoor and at the same time throw the package on the doorstep, not waiting for the door to open !

    • I don’t expect them to wait for the door to open, that’s rare in my experience. I prefer to watch them via the doorbell or window until they leave.

    • They don’t always ring the bell here, sometimes they do nothing, other times they knock o the door. I just want the stuff I ordered…

  6. I had the same thing happen with the new Kindle I ordered last summer. The postal tracking said it was delivered but it wasn’t. Luckily I had no trouble from amazon. They just sent a new one and it arrived in less time than the first one would have. Theft seems to be the thing these days and no one bats an eye. Just the cost of doing business. A real shame.

    • That’s a big cost of doing business! It’s a huge problem that becomes worse at this time of year. I have one more package coming from Amazon just after January first so let’s see if that one remains on the doorstep!

    • Thanks, me too! Living in a large city as we do, this problem is likely worse than in a rural setting like my old home back in Michigan among the corn and soy bean fields…

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