Today’s Ten Mile Ride

Today’s ride was very cool and refreshing, to be honest, I again loaded my upper body down with heavy clothing to keep the cold air off of my chest. The sun is managing to get through the clouds just enough to offer some decent photos from the park which was the furthest and highest I went away from home. It’s fun to access areas that you could never go with a truck unless you want the cops on your bum! Well, now I’m off to the store for a couple of items.

10 thoughts on “Today’s Ten Mile Ride

    • Thank you, Ian! I really need the exercise and have put almost 150 miles on the bike in the month or so I’ve had it. No ride today though, it’s been cloudy and 55F.

      • wow thats really cold. We’ve been having the same temperatures here !! Glad you’re enjoying the bike, it’ll do you the world of good in so many ways. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. Have a good Christmas my friend.

    • No need for that, the bike has a display screen on the left side of the handlebars that tracks milage and much more. Very nicely thought out!

    • I think so! The ride was much longer than I planned but it’s all good. The wind not blasting makes a major difference!

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