16 thoughts on “Bonnie Springs, Long Gone…

      • They have some cool things to see. They had a lot of really neat little shops. I always like Devils Tower. My brother-in-law and I hiked around it carrying their two little tots. I probably would not make it around nowadays. 😉

          • It was cool! Quite a hike though. I don’t remember if there were bikes on the trail. It was forever ago. If you are going to the Dakota’s it is amazing to go in early August when the motorcycles are all heading to Sturgis for the big rally there.

              • Not on the highways heading into it. The motorcyclists are very ‘professional’. It is amazing to be passed (or to pass) dozens and dozens of gorgeous bikes.

                    • It sounds like his wife said no more biking! They are too dangerous to ride here with our heavy traffic, no thanks! I used to ride a road bike in the early 1980s right after high school but sold it after nearly being involved in two accidents. No thanks. It’s dangerous enough to ride my bicycle around here. You must always be on the defensive! I feel safe inmy full-size pickup that has an actual steel frame under it!

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