The Cool Forecast

I’m not inclined to get the bike back out and ride a few miles in these temperatures, it forces me to wear three or four layers on top to keep from getting a bad cold or worse. I hope your Thursday is more exciting than mine is…

16 thoughts on “The Cool Forecast

    • I wouldn’t complain either! I saw the weather on TWC yesterday, so much of the country is have a winter heatwave!

    • They will, the temperatures should rise too next month. Fingers crossed, this is my least favorite time of year here because of the cool weather.

  1. Today you will have rain, it looks like it’s coming but the weekend will be sunny. We are having this week and the next rains, snow showers and sometimes just snow. It’s freezing cold in Northern Utah.

    • Wow, you are well north of Las Vegas, further than I thought. Our forecast calls for rain yet the sun has been peeking out and no rain in sight. I expect the rain here in the valley, the mountains have got enough snow now to open the ski lodge near Mount Charleston. Stay warm, Kaya!

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