The Porch Pirates Have Struck Again!

Man, I’ve had enough of this bullshit! Before I left Michigan a week or more ago, I shipped two Christmas gifts to myself. No show after several days. My dad went to the UPS Store location that the package was shipped from. Today, they informed my dad with proof that the package was indeed delivered and showed the exact time it arrived at my place.

So then, who the hell is taking my Christmas gifts! Going forward, I must be at home for deliveries and should request that a signature be needed for delivery. Whoever the troll(s) are, I hope you have a crappy Christmas. No, that’s not a nice thing to say, please excuse me but I am so frustrated! These photos are from this morning via the Nikon Z6.

24 thoughts on “The Porch Pirates Have Struck Again!

  1. Lowlife’s!! John, you can use an old mobile phone – plugged in inside a window with the camera pointing out, and an app called “Alfred” installed on that mobile and the one you use 🙂
    I can also recommend “Eufi” security camera’s if you want to step it up.
    I hope you have a great Christmas despite these thieving mongrels.

    • Thank you, Tone, I hadn’t thought of that! My family had our Christmas a week or so ago in Michigan, it was great to all be together again! I received two packages from Amazon yesterday afternoon because I was watching out the window! Have a blessed Christmas my friend. 🙏🏻☺️

  2. I’m so sorry this keeps happening to you. I agree with the fake package with undesirable contents. I saw a while back where someone’s television broke so they went and purchased this huge television, then put the broken one in the box and set it outside. Yep, it disappeared quickly.

    • Thank you, Rebecca. I’ll have to make sure I am here for any delivery and try to have them need a signature for delivery. I just don’t get people like this, they are evil. this isn’t the America I grew up in…

    • Thank you, Teri, and to you as well! I do have a doorbell camera which captured nothing but the usual stuff it sees. Apparently, I need a camera mounted at a different angle to record this BS.

    • You are right, you have a good memory! I’m angry that someone stole my gifts and has slapped my sister and family in the face with this act of sheer ignorance and malice. I’ll get over this, but package delivery will be different here going forward.

    • Thanks, Annmarie. Talking with my dad on the phone this morning, i mentioned that I’m so glad that he and mom raised my sister and I to never do things like that. It’s evil, and I’m not kidding. What I’d really like to say here isn’t fit to be published… But, what comes around goes around. They will get their comeupins…

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