Straight Up

These iPhone photos are straight up out of the iPhone with no processing except for the watermark and resizing. Well, that was a very refreshing eleven-mile ride! The bike ran fine as usual and never disappoints me. The electric motor assist makes riding a bicycle so much fun again, the Kona bike I had was nice and light but of course, offered me no assist on inclines. Riding a bike like this takes a bit of time to understand how to use the throttle on the right handlebar.

The more you pedal, the less battery you use of course. Also, squeezing either brake handle cuts the assist power from the rear hub motor. In time, you learn how to use the assist in situations where very little power is needed such as navigating sharp turns when your speed is super slow.

I think the best way to learn this stuff is just to hop on board and get going! I saw tons of people out walking and biking with electric bikes and regular bikes. Unfortunately, I saw a few people feeding the ducks and coots bread. Stop it, people! If you do this, please have a bag of proper seeds with you that the bird’s digestive system can properly process.

6 thoughts on “Straight Up

  1. Looks like you had a nice sunny day to go biking! We are supposed to get snow this week, and temperatures in the 20s. It’s 35 degrees here this Christmas as evening draws near, the sky low and grey.

    • I guess you expect that weather way up there, Lavinia, brrr! It’ll be in the mid 40s for a high the next few days I think which is too cold for a bike ride. That’s why I got a decent ride in today!

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