Another Big Blow!

You may already be aware of our frequent windstorms here during the colder months of the year, here’s the next one which has been raging all night long and is supposed to subside by around noon today Pacific time. Looking around the neighborhood, I see Christmas decorations blown down and my neighbor’s stuff in my backyard! Good grief. Yet, in my ten years here I’ve never once lost power. Apparently, our electric company knows how to build a very strong grid! I hope that your Christmas was wonderful! The video is one minute long.

10 thoughts on “Another Big Blow!

    • This storm had my house making weird noises, the gusts were up to 55 so it was powerful. Funny though how it ended, very quickly, they usually drag on and die a slow death! I got my little yard all cleaned up easily.

    • Indeed, I watch for flying fronds coming off of these Mexican Fan Palms. They are much larger than they look up there and sharp! Kind of like a Widow Maker in the woods up north. Leaning or dead trees that aim to kill you…

    • They are vert tough! They were here before I bought the home and have grown a few feet taller. The fronds are very tough! It’s amazing that our power seems to never go out. The wind has gone now, thankfully!

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