Breakwater Drive at Diamond Bay

These iPhone photos were taken yesterday afternoon before the windstorm blew into town late evening. This is a gated community and a very high-dollar community for sure, too rich for me! The entrance is fancy and nice to look at anyway… I’d love to get a ride in today but it’s too windy and the daytime temps are going to drop into the 40s next week which freaking sucks. What the hell, am I back in Michigan? It’s a comfortable 74 degrees inside though.

7 thoughts on “Breakwater Drive at Diamond Bay

    • Thanks Shelley, I am grateful for my home! Technically, the 40s on the way for daytime highs are well below the normal temps for here. the weather channel showed a map of the Jet Stream being well south of where it should be at this moment, hence the cold way down here. Stay warm up there!

      • Your home is lovely and so You (from what I can tell of the You you show us in your posts). Yes, it’s cold here too 9 degrees this morning. Guess I’ll be hitting the treadmill instead of the roads for exercise. I’m like you, have a limit to the amount of cold I can enjoy/endure! Stay warm there too!

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