A Fountain With Prostate Issues

Good Monday morning, folks. I hope that your Christmas and weekend were a great time with family and loved ones! Honestly, I am glad that the madhouse is over for another season regarding the ludicrous commercialism and consumerism shown on every single TV channel and radio station. Americans have nearly forgotten what the Christmas season is actually all about. Notice the first six letters in the word Christmas? Christ is the reason for the season.

The floundering fountain was photographed yesterday with the iPhone. The fountain normally shoots much more water from all sides but is currently having prostate issues as there is a hole on one side of the fountain in the dirt with a board over it. Prostate surgery, LOL! I hope you have a wonderful new week and are looking forward to 2022 where I believe that America will get a firm handle on this virus and its variants. Please, oh please people, get vaccinated soon!

Not a good forecast, I want our summer heat back!

8 thoughts on “A Fountain With Prostate Issues

  1. I agree with you, John what you wrote about Christmas. I wish we could bring back its magic.
    It’s getting cooler where you live but compare to us it’s still so nice.

  2. You are so right about the meaning of Christmas John….
    We can enter 2022 fully vacinated and boosterd 🙂
    Enjoy the after Christmas week ! Just saw there has fallen 75 cm of snow in Cananda and temperatures dropped down to -50°C !!! Hope it stays warmer in Vegas 🙂

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